Workers’ compensation is not a one-size-fits all program.

Each employer has a different set of needs, different claims history, experience, and workforce. Paramount Preferred Solutions prides itself on tailored solutions executed by top-class professionals. We offer an array of services to reduce your workers’ compensation premium through impeccable claims administration, risk assessments, financial management and oversight, and successful return-to-work strategies.

Grow Ohio Program

 As a new employer, we can cut your workers’ comp cost by more than half.

Group Rating

Ohio state fund employers can save up to 53% off of the BWC base rates.

Our Solutions

Tailored strategies for risk prevention and premium reduction.

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Board of Directors Will Soon Consider Largest Rate Cut

The Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s board of directors will soon consider its largest rate cut for private employers in nearly 60 years. New Administrator/CEO Stephanie McCloud proposed to board members Thursday a 20% reduction in the average premium rate it charges private employers. The full board will consider the proposal Feb. 22.
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