Our core focus is on developing proactive and cost-effective claims management programs to reduce premium for our clients.

Paramount Preferred Solutions is a Third Party Administration (TPA) recognized nationally for expertise in all aspects of Workers’ Compensation, Group Health, and Disability Management solutions.

Our Professionals

Our staff of seasoned professionals average over 19 years experience in risk management and workers’ compensation. Over one third of our staff share more than 25 years of experience in the field. We are technicians with vast backgrounds in absence management and cost control solutions for employers throughout the state of Ohio and the country at large.

At Paramount Preferred Solutions, we believe that every employer must be treated as if they were the only employer. To accomplish this, each client is assigned to a client service manager and claims examiner. We assign a strictly limited caseload to each of our examiners to ensure that each claim receives timely and thorough attention.

Our Tailored Solutions

We begin by looking at the big picture for every employer and then focusing in on unique factors impacting premium and additional expenses. This involves investigating active claims, risks for future claims, potential for future litigation, available resources, industry type, and matching these factors with cost-saving solutions.