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As the preferred provider for the Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce, we work with your chamber directors to identify how best to serve your businesses individually and as a collective whole.

Do you receive proactive ideas for safety and savings, education and communications from your TPA?

Who We Are

Paramount Preferred Solutions provides Third Party Administration (TPA) cost-control solutions designed to help employers minimize healthcare costs associated with workers’ compensation and related employee absence.

Why Choose Paramount Preferred Solutions

Any Workers’ Comp Third Party Administrator can offer the maximum savings through the BWC group rating program. Paramount Preferred Solutions saves chamber members premium dollars by taking those savings and strategically stacking them with other offers through the Bureau. Paramount Preferred Solutions applies a combination of savings options to reduce your premium up to an additional 20% after you have already received the 2020-2021 group rating savings.

Our Services

Our most successful clients utilize our comprehensive BWC service model to control their Ohio BWC program costs. Paramount Preferred Solutions’ oversight and programs applications cover:

  • Accident Prevention. Safety training +planning + policies = the best claim is the claim that never happens
  • Claim Cost Control. Medical + risk + return-to-work management = minimize 2020-2021 premium payments
  • BWC Discount Programs. BWC offers multiple 2020-2021 discount / rebate programs = maximize 2020-2021 premium savings.

Performance Guarantee

Employers can control Ohio workers’ compensation claims and don’t have to accept any premium increases as a normal cost of doing business. Because we believe so strongly in the results from our BWC service model, we will apply a PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE against our TPA service fees if you are not satisfied with the cost reductions we obtain for you.

 The Next Steps

We will evaluate ALL of your BWC savings program options up to the maximum BWC premium reduction at no cost to you.

Let us help you manage your workers’ compensation program so you can focus on running your business.

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