BWC uses the Firefighter Exposure to Environmental Elements Grant (FEEEG) Program to partner with Ohio employers to minimize exposure to dangerous environmental elements. The program is available to eligible Ohio employers who wish to purchase the following qualified/allowed items for optimal protection against these exposures.

  • Diesel exhaust systems (local source (tailpipe) capture; not general dilution/filtration ventilation)
  • Extractors/washing machines for turn-out gear
  • Hoods with barrier protection
  • Washable gloves (structural firefighter glove or one that meets the requirements of NFPA 1971)

As part of our Safety Intervention Grant programming, the FEEEG Program is available only to Ohio firefighter employers. To review the complete policy for the program click here, otherwise, click on the appropriate link below for the specific information you want. Eligible employers may receive up to $15,000 for the duration of the FEEEG Program.