Our team of seasoned professionals provides comprehensive tactics to curtail the impact of an injury on premium.

We believe so strongly in the results from our integrated service model that we offer a performance guarantee if you are not satisfied with our services and the cost reductions we obtain for you. Our service is second to none as we assign a dedicated claims examiner and client service manager to every employer working with Paramount Preferred Solutions in the State Fund. Our professionals average 18+ years of experience in claims management.

To ensure maximum quality assurance, our claims examiners maintain a caseload of no more than 150 open claims at one time. This is well below the average caseload imposed upon examiners with our competitors. In addition to ourParamount Preferred Solutions staff, we work closely with in-house case managers and certified vocational rehabilitation counselors for occupational and non-occupational disability management.

Claims Management

Our process for claims management includes:

  • Timely reporting
  • Obtaining Independent Medical Examinations
  • Assistance in the new claim certification decisions
  • Unemployment Claims Administration and Planning
  • Evaluation of experience period claims with ongoing payments
  • Identify potential for hearing or appeal filing, hearing attendance
  • Secure functional capacity evaluations, modified duty opportunities, and transitional work
  • Collaborate with MCO and BWC to secure early return-to-work outcomes though consistent communication and oversight of medical care
  • Coordinate  investigations, as necessary and appropriate, of questionable injuries in order to assist in the management of claims litigation
  • Pursue cost relief provisions including Salary Continuation, Handicap Reimbursement, and Lump Sum Settlements

Financial Management

Our seasoned financial professionals conduct the following measures to ensure you are receiving the maximum allowable premium savings:

  • Provide ongoing consultation on BWC rebate programs
  • Audit the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s payment of comp benefits, medical and prescription bills, and settlement agreements
  • Audit BWC records of payroll and premium, merit ratings, and accuracy of reserves
  • Underwriting or Manual Classification review
  • Analyze alternative financing methods including eligibility for group rating, retrospective rating, deductible programs, and self-insurance studies

Accident and Loss Prevention

To ensure your business functions smoothly and safely, our professionals:

  • Perform risk assessments
  • Provide Safety Training and Related Services
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