We will build a workers’ comp program tailored to meet your business’ needs.

The BWCs initiative, Destination: Excellence, is composed of rebate and safety programs that  can be combined to create a more efficient and cost effective means to managing an employer’s overall workers’ comp program and premium.

Below are brief descriptions of the programs that make up Destination: Excellence—all of which are based on the BWCs definitions published on the official website.

We are here to work with you to determine how to select and stack programs that will work for your individual business. To do this, we take into consideration factors including rating structure, company and payroll size, premium level, and overall return on investment.

BWC Program Incentive

Go Green Discount

This discount is intended to encourage employers to complete certain tasks on-line: submit and receive payroll reports, make electronic premium payments in full, and file first report of injuries if filed with the BWC (our recommendation is you file injuries with your MCO).

1% premium discount (up to $1000 every six months)

Lapse-Free Discount

This discount rewards employers who are timely with their premium payments and have not lapsed in payment of premium within 60 months. New employers are not eligible as there is not a history of activity within the past 60 months. Premium payments must be made online.

1% premium discount (up to $1000 every six months)

Industry Specific Safety

The Industry Specific Safety program is intended to improve workplace safety by identifying risks directly correlated to industry types. Requirements include completion of an online safety and risk assessment and completion of one, two or three tasks depending on the employer’s payroll.

3% premium discount

Drug-Free Safety Program

The Drug-Free Safety Program (DFSP) provides a rebate for promoting a work environment free of drugs and alcohol. Requirements include implementing elements of either BWC’s DFSP basic or advanced level.

4% for DFSP basic; 7% for DFSP advanced

Transitional Work

Employers with an approved transitional work plan may receive a discount for using the plan to return injured employees to work. A transitional work plan is a means to provide an individualized, interim job for the injured worker during the time of recovery. Based on allowed conditions in a claim and medical restrictions, the worker is able to carry out various functions through alternative job duties. VoCare Services, a Benefits 1 Group partner, will guide employers through the process of creating and implementing a transitional work program.

Additionally, employers that have not received a transitional work grant from the BWC in the past may apply for these funds to help offset the assistance of certified transitional work developers to establish a program for the employer’s workplace. The grant offered through the BWC is provided specifically as a reimbursement for job analyses.

Up to a 10% bonus

Safety Council

Employers can increase safety awareness and receive a premium rebate by participating in a local safety council. They may earn an additional bonus discount for reductions in claims frequency and severity by 10% or more.

2% rebate for participation; 2% bonus rebate for performance

Vocational Rehabilitation

This plan rewards employers who work with medical partners and the BWC to provide vocational rehabilitation plans for seriously injured workers. Through vocational rehabilitation counseling, an injured worker engages with a counselor who creates and guides the care plan with full employment as a key objective. The counselor works with the injured worker, the employer, the managed care organization, BWC and medical provider to build the plan and work within limited restrictions (as allowed by the claim).

Negotiated payments from BWC as well as defraying of rehab costs and compensation through BWC surplus fund (not charged to employer’s rating experience)
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